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Multiple Secured Parties: Terminations

Complications with Multiple Secured Parties: Part 1 – Terminations Most people do not appreciate the potential complications involved when a search reveals multiple secured parties on a single financing statement. …

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Status of Financing Statements

“Lapsed” or “Unlapsed,” and Perhaps “Active” or “Inactive,” but not “Terminated.”

The UCC’s recordkeeping requirement for filing offices (e.g., state Secretaries of State) is that the filing office must maintain records until at least one year after a financing statement would lapse.

Capitol Lien Court Research

Do you say “P.M.S.I.” or “pimm zee”?: Part 2

If a secured party has a perfected security interest in purchasemoney collateral, the secured party should be able to acquire purchasemoney priority – and take advantage of an exception to the general rules of priority – by satisfying the technical requirements of § 9-324.


Concentration Risk Management

Start by establishing a concentration baseline through peer analysis to know where you stand. Be sure to include acquisition development and construction loans as well if applicable.

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Sound Credit Considerations

Credit Culture and Corporate Culture are very closely tied. As both evolve they must continually be well established, communicated, and enforced. In properly doing so your organization’s credit risk appetite should be made to align with your organization’s values.