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Frequently Asked Questions

UCCs are effective for 5 years in most states. After that time is up, the filing will lapse and will no longer be effective for securing the interest of the collateral.

If after 5 years, the debtor loan is not paid off, and the UCC needs to remain in effect, an amendment to continue the effectiveness for another 5 years would need to be completed in the same jurisdiction as the original UCC is filed.

The correct filing office depends on the location of the debtor, and at times the location of the collateral being secured. Typically for a business the filing is done in the state where the company is registered, and for an individual, where they physically reside.

If the collateral is real property, then a filing at the local county level where the property is located is necessary.

A continuation that needs to be filed for a UCC that was originally filed at the county level or in another state, an “in lieu of” filing needs to be recorded. Using the initial UCC form it will cross reference the prior filing, possibly even have it attached as an exhibit for clarity.