Bright Light Ahead

City with bright light ahead

It has felt like a trial of sorts over the past 3 months of our lives. A trial to see how well we come together over the hurdle of a microscopic problem. This hurdle in comparison would put Mount Olympus to shame. We were asked to abandon our everyday lives and adapt to a new way of life. One, with children not allowed to go to school and parents not allowed to go to work. Like always, we became accustomed. That is the beautiful thing about humans as a collective. We know what is at stake and we rise, then overcome the odds.

New Processes

Secretary of State (SOS) offices have been forced to operate in some capacity without the public. This includes reducing their staff, changing their layout and only allowing in a very small number of people at a time. Some offices have even changed to an appointment-only system to reduce traffic. We have seen a lot of state offices working to change their processes to accommodate social distancing and less public traffic altogether.

Social Distance web

Things are changing rapidly in each jurisdiction to attempt to accommodate remote workers/remote research/electronic filings due to the pandemic. For jurisdictions that did not have these capabilities, they have had to quickly adapt – which makes for issues or problems with complete data or available images. For these reasons it’s good to use a service company for research you can count on. Capitol Lien is equipped with experts who know how to obtain these things if issues arise and make sure the information is complete.

The various SOS Offices will need to start thinking about what type of corporate documents/filings will be required to be completed in person. Watching for changes and adaptability will be the key to success. Undoubtedly procedure could change at a moment’s notice and we are on top of those changes.

Business as “Usual”

With “The Bright Light” about to shine above us in the form of a nice warm up over the cold months of Minnesota. Minnesotans are anticipating June 1st, the beautiful day where we can (hopefully) get more normality back into our lives… and Vitamin D. Although the world will be set in a stage of careful health conscious procedures and social distancing, we can at least watch our economy begin to move in a “business as usual” way of life.

Thumbs Up

We should all commend each other on a job well done for what we have sacrificed and endured amidst the COVID-19 constraints. It’s to our client’s advantage to use our services for consistency and quality control rather than try to navigate it all themselves.

There is much speculation in the weeks to come of “on hold” projects that could come into fruition. Our point of view is that there is no time like the present to work these transaction deals through. With states and businesses slowly opening, confidence will return. What has been put on the “back burner” as operations re-work could come front and center.

Count on Capitol Lien

We aim to be a resource and align in any possible way to bring you value at this time. From court research, real estate research, and corporate services to a majority of other search and filing options we are here to move business forward. Our commitment has never waivered. Our Research Coordinators never even slowed in handling our client’s statewide UCC Filings (service fee is only $15!) in all formats throughout this time.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay hungry for growth.

Business is slowly becoming “business as usual”. The “The Bright Light..” always comes after the storm.