Capitol Lien’s 30th Anniversary: Three Decades of Due Diligence

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Capitol Lien 30th Anniversary

Capitol Lien Records and Research, Inc., is proud to be celebrating 30 years of providing dedicated due diligence and risk mitigation services to business professionals worldwide. 

Founded in 1990 by Tony Magnotta, Capitol Lien started out by providing UCC and tax lien services to community banks throughout Minnesota’s Twin Cities. As our client base grew, so did the list of services we provide, eventually expanding into all facets of public records research/retrieval, real estate abstracting, corporation services, and online/API solutions. 

As needs change over time, Capitol Lien has stayed relevant by focusing on our clients, our employees, and the technologies that support our business and the industries we serve.

Much of our success over the last 30 years can be attributed to our valued clients and dedicated employees. We thank you all and wish everybody much-continued success, health, and happiness!

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