Completing the M&A Puzzle: Know How The Pieces Fit

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2020 thus far has been a year of many changes in the business world. Any time businesses see a rapid change of any kind brings about a focus on Mergers and Acquisitions. As companies attempt to pivot, adapt, and grow quickly an M&A strategy is one of the main ways to do so even if it comes with its own set of challenges in how the entities will fit together. The increase in these transactions will likely come across your desk in the coming months. As you work towards the best possible outcomes for your clients it is important to know which vendors to depend on for certain aspects of your checklist.

Merger Due Diligence

We offer corporate filing services to help your clients move through completing the mergers at the official state office. We have professionals on staff that will work with you to make sure there are no issues with the paperwork and ensure that the filing is not delayed. 

Beyond the required corporate filings necessary to make the merger official, the following are some things to consider on behalf of the client:

  • Keep ledgers, inventory, and the bottom line as up-to-date as possible. Obviously, being incredibly transparent and forthright with any liabilities and debts is a must. 
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  • Make sure vendors to the company are aware of the merger so they can plan accordingly to make sure service is not interrupted.
  • Communicate with customers if they will be affected by the change. 
  • Review contracts to ensure no loopholes increase risk or liabilities or cause said contracts to become void. 
  • Revise or amend contracts accordingly. 
  • Update social media, branding, etc. with consistent external communications.

During the preliminary stages of a transaction, utilize us to obtain an overview of entities and individuals involved to ensure full knowledge of who your client will be connected to going forward. Additionally, once all pieces are in place, we can file the necessary corporate M&A documents. What follows are some of the ways in which we can help these transactions run smoothly.

Filing Services Offered:

  • Dissolution
  • Merger
  • Withdrawal
  • Amendment
  • Good Standing Retrieval

Preliminary Investigative Services:

  • Associates Analytics
  • Principles Search
  • World Check
  • Negative News
  • Web Analytics

Get these situational requirements checked off your list with a dependable resource so you have the time to finalize putting the puzzle together and achieving successful outcomes for your clients.