Database Direct®: Benefits Are Here

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“Your team is amazing as always! I love having a resource I can depend on! I tell others about you in my firm every chance I get.” – Database Direct® User

Legal and Lender Professionals alike are entrusting and benefiting from our DIY system, which has been their best-kept secret until recently.

Database Direct® is a user-friendly system that allows you to manage UCC Filings (nationwide) while saving time and money on state-level UCC/ Tax Lien Searches (in available states).

Benefits You’re Missing:

  • Debtor searches provide all information needed, including amendment history
  • Enhanced search logic leverages business word equivalents and name variations to provide thorough results and uncover hidden liens
  • Debtor listings only cost $5 per search, with instant results
  • Secured Party and Area Searches are only $15 per search (sort, export, send)

Do you have a Filing you need to look-up? Very few are also aware that there is a Free feature within Database Direct®. Simply enter your Filing Number, and submit to begin seeking out the info you desire, at no cost.

In addition to easily following prompts to file a UCC-1, UCC-3 or UCC-5, you can even file a Real Estate Fixture Filing.

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Our instant Debtor Listings are $2 less per search when compared to the Wisconsin DFI and copy fees are half the cost of the state, plus save $35 on each Secured Party Search.

Want to get an in-depth look at how the system works?