Database Direct Is Yours!

You have likely heard of a system that allows for easy management of UCC filings and debtor searches from talking with others in your industry. At the surface some of these DIY systems sound the same, but if they happened to be referring to Database Direct, then there is a lot more to it at the granular level to differentiate our system from the rest.

If true perfection of security interests matters to you, then it’s time to experience what that means. At Capitol Lien we’ve taken the additional steps necessary to do so much more than blindly check a box for our clients. We look out for their best interests.

Database Direct has easy to navigate prompts and is intuitive for our users. Our complimentary training and collateral customizations set up every team for success.

Your Filing

Streamline your UCC filing procedures to maximize operational efficiency nationwide. Here are just a few of the considerations we made when creating the Database Direct experience:

Database Direct® login image

My Filings Portfolio – View the status of your filings from beginning to end.

Collateral Manager – Customize collateral verbiage specific to your organization.

Continuation Reports – Alerts are provided when the critical window to continue a UCC is opened to help you maintain your security interest.

Auto-Populated Text – Why type things multiple times? Secured Party fields auto-populate for your organization to save you time.

Manual Review – We have prevented hundreds of filings from being filed incorrectly because our team of experts reviews each UCC to ensure it was submitted correctly to achieve its intent.

Want to get started with us, but what about all of the filings you already have? 

When bringing us your filing business, if you provide us with necessary information we can import all of your UCCs that have already been filed. The management of your UCCs has to be as comprehensive as possible for your company to leverage from the very start. 

Your Searching

Uncover potential “hidden” liens through our expanded search logic which includes hundreds of name equivalents for business names and for first names. For example, a search for “Rob” can automatically reveal “Robert”, “Robbie”, “Robby”, “Bobbie”, “Bobby”, and “Bob”.

Here are other search features you are sure to enjoy:

Free Filing Number Look-up – Yes, you read that correctly! If you have a filing number and you want to look up the details on that filing (or a bulk list) place that in our Filing Number Look-up for Free. 

Instant Copies – Copies are provided in PDF format instantly through the system for you to download.

Accessible History – Users can review their completed filings, past searches and previously purchased documents. They can even perform updated searches from those prior results.

Even though Database Direct does all of that, it is priced extremely competitively. Think you’ve found a better deal elsewhere? Let’s have the conversation to see what we can work out first.

If this brought about any questions for you, feel free to contact us. We are here to help with any filing or debtor searching needs you may have.

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