Dodd, Frank, and Real Estate

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It’s been awhile since Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs), “Synthetic Financial Instruments” and other forms of exotic financing have been used in residential and commercial real estate. In the age of Dodd-Frank, however, you need to be absolutely certain of what you own.

Capitol Lien prides itself on real estate research that goes directly to the source – from document retrievals to full abstracts – for lenders, developers and title professionals nationwide. We’ll pry, question, and push on the details to keep your deals pristine. When diligence is due.

The average real-estate examiner will travel thousands of miles throughout a career. That’s a lot of shoe leather spent looking into the details.* Let Capitol Lien give you a “street-level” view of right-of-way, site acquisition, land distribution or the other area that impacts your real estate transactions. Click here to see all the different ways Capitol Lien can utilize our large network of research professionals today on your company’s behalf.

We maintain networks of land researchers in local markets to deliver the most pertinent and timely research. Utilizing the knowledge and talents of local abstractors can help esnure that accurate results are provided. They travel to the actual county in which they have expertise to conduct the land records research. Here are a few of the services we can always provide:

Multi-Owner Searches
Multi-Year Searches
Commercial Searches
Environmental Lien Searches
Deed Searches
Document Recording & Retrieval
Property Tax Research

Why All Real Estate is Local. Even If It’s Long Distance.
It is almost ironic how, in the age of digital records, the most concrete answers to real estate questions may still rely on abstracting. Our clients across the country know they can count on our expertise in this lost art. With 4000 jurisdictions across the country definitive answers still require an abstractor to uncover.

Certified Abstractors understand the different recording and indexing processes within counties.  We’ve had our nose in these land books for over 25 years; we know how to spot oddities and red flags within the county records.  We will then work closely with our county partners to ensure indexing errors, once uncovered, are corrected. Proving that all real estate, like politics, is local.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.