Factor in Change

Factor in Change

Not much is certain in life, but something you can always be sure of is change. Nothing ever stays the same. Mergers and acquisitions have been around for ages and are recently top of mind for some individuals around the globe. With mergers and acquisitions come changes in infrastructure and new asset purchases amongst other things. 

For the Factors

We have lending clients of all sizes and expertise. Factoring or working capital providers can be a great resource for businesses just starting up or businesses that have been struggling. If the balance sheet is looking weak while receivables are high and in wait of payment, factoring could be a good option. Perhaps this past year affected your business negatively to the point of loss, that could be an ideal time to reach out to a Factor. Many who are struggling have been turning to working capital providers to get them through until receivables become “healthy” again. Most find themselves in this undesirable spot at no fault of their own. The dollar simply stopped being passed. Even our larger lender clients have good relationships with those in the factoring industry. Some deals just do not work for a customer at the bank. Thus a smooth handoff takes place in hopes that factoring can get the customer back on their feet.

Capitol Lien has been a resource to Factors nationwide for over thirty years! Allow us to handle the due diligence to make definitive decisions. When it comes to UCC Filings and Tax Lien Searches you can count on us. Our researchers can determine if the borrower has adverse filings. We can drill down by the debtor name or by file number. File with us to achieve or maintain perfection. Gain the piece of mind you deserve.

For Corporate Law

Allow Capitol Lien to help with your Article of Incorporation or Organization,Certificate of Good Standing and Amendments. Capitol Lien has much experience with corporate filings and document retrievals nationwide. With fast turnaround times we make the process quick and easy. If you or your client are planning on exiting, we can help with the Dissolution & Withdrawal Process. If you are thinking about starting a business, let us help with a Business Name Reservation.

Here to help

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”-Benjamin Franklin 

We are ‘lucky’ to have the amazing experts we do and you are the ultimate beneficiary. Our thousands of long-standing client relationships are no fluke. We go to the source and leave no stone unturned. If your company is looking to expand, needs to centralize its process, needs help navigating service/jurisdictional complexities or simply has due diligence related questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Quick turnaround times, knowledgeable staff and a fair price are yours when diligence is due!