Featured Business: Sweet Kneads Bakery

In our efforts to support small local businesses during this hard time, we want to highlight some of the businesses our employees own! If you have a sweet tooth, and appreciate yummy goodness, this one is for you. 

Introducing Sweet Kneads! This bakery was established in 1933 but has recently taken ownership by our very own Melissa Hobbs (and family) in 2018. Located in Farmington, MN, this small bakery has award-winning Master bakers behind its doors. With 11 years of experience, competing in multiple baking competitions in categories such as breads, cupcakes, bars, cookies, and donuts, you don’t want to pass up these treats. 

It was actually Melissa’s Husband, Steve Hobbs, who had been dreaming of owning his own bakery since he was 13. Finally, after many years of working in the industry, they decided to open their own shop! It’s truly a family business. Ed Hobbs is the main baker, he has been working at the shop for over 17 years. Austin Hobbs, the eldest son of Melissa and Steve is an assistant baker and decorator. Carter Hobbs, 19, is the bakery manager. Gavyn Hobbs, 17, is a customer service worker. And lastly, Sharon Hobbs is the assistant manager. When we asked Melissa to do this feature we asked her for tips she might have to share with others wanting to start a business, she said: “Work hard!” She mentioned that the reward comes from the following, “Knowing how hard you have worked, feeling proud to be growing the business, while training your kids to take it over”. 

Working 7 days a week has its struggles, but the results are always worth it. To keep things fun, each month they feature a new pastry, their own “Dessert of the Month” which draws a crowd. When compared to their competition, they can attest to making the most amazing giant donuts (hands down!). “Our shop is known for our huge gourmet donuts and we come up with new concoctions every month to keep people interested and excited to come back.” So if you weren’t intrigued before, now you have to go see for yourself! 

We love supporting local and small businesses when we can, and doing it for our employees makes it that much sweeter (especially when it’s a bakery!)! It will be exciting to see where the future takes Sweet Kneads, we wish nothing but the best for their success in the future! Be sure to check out their website https://farmingtonbakery.net/, you can even order your baked goods online! Let us know what you think, share your goods with us and Sweet Kneads on social media! 

Sweet Kneads Facebook, Sweet Kneads Instagram, and lastly, you can find all of our social media here.

Sweet Kneads Farmington Bakery
212 Oak Street
Farmington, MN 55024
(651) 463-2242