Monitor This

We are surrounded by an ever-changing business landscape which is heavy on information exchange as a society, but one thing remains the same: the need to have up-to-date information you can depend on.

Just as news outlets keep us informed on daily events when something important happens, monitoring services offer the same convenience. Stay alert and never miss a beat on what’s important to you.

Through monitoring services, information becomes power. Defined as checking the progress or quality of something over a period of time under systematic review; the term monitoring can be applied to many different procedures. By infusing recurring due diligence research in as part of your organization’s process you can stay informed on changes to morph into proactive instead of reactive behavior for your best interests.

Bankruptcy Listings – Get a full list of newly filed bankruptcy proceedings nationwide or for a targeted region.

UCC Monitoring – Keep tabs on your debtors to maintain perfection. We’ll run searches and alert you accordingly so you can handle more pressing matters.

Corporate Name Review – Provide us with a list of business debtors and we will verify it’s status and provide information on any amendments.

UCC Audit – Benefit from organizational clarity and mitigate future risk as a result of our comprehensive portfolio analysis. Our UCC experts run a check-up to determine if any of your active UCCs would potentially be considered a hidden lien.

In short, do not let changes compromise your position. With different frequencies available, there are lots of opportunities to be made aware of situations you can act on.