Myth Busting: 10 Capitol Lien Myths

Myth Busting

Whether it be via email or in person, we often have people ask us “Is this what you do?” or “I heard this.” So today, we are going to be debunking some of those myths for you! Be sure to reach out if you have any questions regarding our myths:

1. Capitol Lien places Liens on people

False! This is a huge misconception that some have about what services we offer. At Capitol Lien we assist professionals nationwide by searching for liens on specific debtors as one of a wide variety of service offerings. We do not have any control over placing those liens on boats, houses, businesses or any other property. So to keep it straight we find the liens we do not file the liens.

2. Capitol Lien is a Title Company

Capitol Lien has been in business for over 30 years, if you’ve been with us for that long you may know that we used to have a Title Company as a part of our business prior to 2014. We decided to leave that portion of the business and stick to our core of Public Records Research and Due Diligence Solutions and never look back. We realized we do not wish to compete in the title insurance industry since so many of our wonderful clients are in the title industry and we pride ourselves on being the best possible resource to them.

3. We are Capitol Records in CA

This is a funny one that we have gotten quite often through the years. Unfortunately, we are not Capitol Records located in California, although that would be pretty cool! Instead, we are even cooler, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. As Capitol Lien Records and Research we are a public records research company that assists legal, lender, and title professionals nationwide! It has been fun to receive various mix tapes and lyrics from artists trying to make it big, but hey, we like to drop a beat for due diligence instead!

4. That we can release Liens that have been placed

Again, a slight misunderstanding on what we do… Like I said before, at Capitol Lien we assist professionals nationwide by searching for liens on specific debtors. Whether you feel you have been done wrong or someone has done wrong to you we still have no control over these liens and releasing the liens isn’t in our wheelhouse.

5. We can’t help with international requests 

Wrong! Our solutions have expanded over the years to serve those requests both near and far.

6. Capitol Lien only provides research in Minnesota

How could we possibly help with international requests if we only did research in Minnesota silly? That’s right, we do research all over! We are grateful to have built out our capabilities across all 50 states, Canada, and beyond.

7. Capitol Lien is unable to customize solutions

Capitol Lien prides themselves on being able to fully customize any of our services to fit your needs. We make sure to be 100% transparent with our customers throughout the order process to ensure there are no surprises once completed.

8. We are new to the records research industry

November 12, 1990 is when Capitol Lien Records and Research opened for business! If our math is right, that means we have been in business for almost 31 years. Over that time, we have collected a phenomenal team of due diligence experts with years of experience.

9. Capitol Lien has slow turnaround times

It can be misinterpreted that with the research we do, there is no way we could have quick turnaround times, but turns out, we can! Capitol Lien tries it’s very best to have a 1-3 day turnaround for mostly all of our orders. (Of course there are times when there needs to be more research done and/or we send helpful questions back to our clients that we need answered, but trust it’s for the best as we just want to provide the most accurate, and quality results!)

10. Capitol Lien provides inaccurate information

Thankfully this is not something that we hear often, if ever. Capitol Lien provides the most prominent, accurate and timely information to their clients. If you don’t believe us, check out some of these testimonials!

“You guys are amazing! Fast, friendly and accurate. What more could a company want from a vendor?! Keep up the great work!” – Licensed Abstractor

“I rely heavily on the expertise of the Capitol Lien staff. With their help, my firm is able to meet unreasonable deadlines and closings!” – Corporate Paralegal

“Very thorough and readable searches. Turn around time is awesome, I couldn’t be more pleased with their work.” – Closing Agent

(P.S. … just for fun, it’s CapitOl Lien with an O, not CapitAl Lien with an A.)