New in Database Direct®: Nebraska UCC & Tax Lien Searches

May the Fourth be with your Searches!


With this newest state addition to our Database Direct® searching capabilities, benefits are not so far, far away. Obtain more results and uncover potential “hidden” liens through our expanded search logic which includes hundreds of name equivalents.

For example, if you were to search the Nebraska Secretary of State (SOS) system for the debtor name of “serviceworx” to find UCCs for Serviceworx, Inc. the system would reveal only one active UCC and the assumption would be to base decisions on that generated information in order to align with your company’s procedures.

Conversely, if you were to search Database Direct® for the same debtor name it would reveal two active UCCs filed on Serviceworx, Inc. One of which is left completely hidden in other such systems like the NE SOS system. That simply does not provide you the scope you need to make decisions with confidence or point you toward your intended perfection.

This is no Jedi Mind Trick! Breakthrough the limitations of the NE SOS system. With Database Direct® you are not confined to running only exact name searches, or the need to conduct multiple searches in order to ensure true due diligence.

NE Search Features in Database Direct®:

  • UCC Searches
  • Tax Lien Searches
  • Instant Copies
  • Accessible Search History
  • Free Filing Number Look-up

Some of the noteworthy Nebraska SOS system limitations we have identified include: not having a wildcard option available, users needing to click on each item individually to print, and not being able to download all copies at once.

Here are some additional ways to avoid The Dark Side: benefit from having timely continuation reports, easily submitting and managing UCC Filings nationwide, and generating lead lists specific to competitors or locations of interest.

Feedback From Across the Galaxy

“Impressive, Most Impressive!”-Darth Vader (Imperial Agency)
“The Force will be with you. Always.” -Obi-Wan Kenobi (Kenobi Financial)
“It’s a chance for you to make a fresh start.” -Mon Mothma (Mothma Title)
“Your work exceeds all expectations.” -Wilhuff Tarkin (W. Tarkin Auctions)
“GRRR GRRRAAA WWWGGGRRRAA”-Chewbacca (Wookie Resources)

Essentially, our system streamlines both searching and filing for your group at a competitive price with enhanced features to help reduce your risk and there are no contracts, subscriptions, or user fees. We simply charge per action such as per search run or per filing submitted and invoice accordingly.

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