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The following is loosely based on countless true stories…

In a world of tight deadlines, multiple real estate transactions, and pressure from all parties involved, there exists Jane, who has been tasked with keeping it all on track. Jane is a Title Production Manager in the Midwest and as it is in many industries, currently, her’s is rapidly changing and she is doing her best to navigate through this unique time. In spite of what she is up against, there are few accepted excuses for transactions not occurring seamlessly.

It can be quite overwhelming as she mulls through who their company can depend on for streamlined research at this time; Who should we use? How much information do we need? How far back do we need to go? Who can I trust?

At this point in Jane’s journey, she has done her initial research, it’s now time to decide on a company that checks all the boxes. Where information is power, and value is a must, she finds her clarity in a company by the name of Capitol Lien.

The abstracters at Capitol Lien do several things to ensure the research is correct the first time around. We ensure a grantor/grantee search is conducted to uncover any misfiled documents. Our researchers are trained to search name variations to catch any documents that might be filed against a nickname. We clear up the mysteries before sending the results and do all of this as quickly as possible so that you have the time needed to get a commitment completed.

Timely, efficient, budget-friendly, and most importantly, trustworthy! Good job, Jane! You were able to save valuable time and money for your company.

Secured Data

That is just one of many examples of how we can help, and in the spirit of being transparent, we have some news for you! We have recently updated our Wisconsin County pricing. We are always striving to be the best resource, at the best value. In our Zone 1 you can find recent price changes for the following high impact counties: Ashland, LaCrosse, Pierce, Walworth, Clark, Milwaukee, Polk, Washington, Dane, Outagamie, Racine, Waukesha, Kenosha, Ozaukee and St. Croix.

Our goal is to be the one stop shop you can trust for your research needs.

If you don’t believe us, hear from our trusted clients:

“Capitol Lien is absolutely amazing and the best full service research and abstracting company out there!” – Tami W. | Managing Member

“I utilize Capitol Lien primarily for due diligence services. The staff is responsive, personable and helpful. I am always asked “clarifying questions” rather than receiving an order I didn’t mean to! I highly recommend!” – Sandra G. | Paralegal

“Thank you for the services you provide. The searchers at Capitol Lien have been very good to work with, and have been a great resource while navigating this unique time in the title industry.” – Cole T. | Director of Title Production

Contact us at any time with your questions, we are here to help!