UCC on the Brain: Tips for Keeping Sharp

UCC on the Brain

Many professionals think of us as simply a UCC resource. While Capitol Lien provides a wide variety of solutions, this is the one that seems to stick out in their minds. We will use this entry to help with both your UCCs and your mind.

Secured parties can often file at both the central and the local levels to ensure both perfection and priority, especially if the form contains both personal property and fixtures. Make sure you are searching both jurisdictions for full due diligence.

Additionally, the secured party can also file on multiple names. It is always best to file on the exact legal names of the debtors by utilizing what is on the person’s Driver’s License or State ID. However, in the event that you are not sure which individual legal name to use, you can put more than one version of the debtor’s name on the filing. In regards to entity names, the legal name can be found by conducting a corporate look-up at the state level. Better yet, obtain an actual copy of the articles and amendments to ensure you are using the true legal name of the business.

Be sure to file a UCC amendment when a party name or address changes. When a debtor moves to a new state, the secured party remains perfected in the new state for a grace period (usually four months after the date of relocation). However, during this time the secured party should file an in-lieu-of filing in the new state of residence. When doing so ensure that the verbiage “in-lieu-of” is located in the collateral along with the original UCC information.

So now that you have a few tips of information to stay sharp with your UCCs, here are seven tips to keep your brain at its best:

Brain Health
  1. Eat Good Brain Food (i.e. beets, avocado, broccoli, walnuts, blueberries, etc.). Add these foods regularly into your diet.
  2. Positive Self-Talk (kill automatic negative thoughts). This is actually proven to help your brain and also builds confidence and self-esteem so you can more readily achieve your goals and feel more in control of events in your life.
  3. Exercise. You get it! No need to elaborate here.
  4. Increase Brain Nutrients through cognitive supplements like B Vitamins and DHA. You don’t want to be low on either of these.
  5. Sleep. Although the amount of sleep each person requires to be at their best varies, no one can deny the critical importance of getting enough of it. On average adults should strive for 7 hours per night or more if at all possible.
  6. Continual Learning. In both our personal and professional lives it is always good to educate ourselves and grow.
  7. Stress Management. Improve everyday functioning by controlling your levels of stress. Stretching, meditation, exercise, and self-care can help along with some of the other tips above. It also doesn’t hurt to know Capitol Lien to reduce your work stress.

Of course, we can help to some degree with the last two as it relates to keeping your searching and filing process at its best. The rest is up to you to achieve the best version of yourself.

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