What to Know About Registered Agents


If you have a Corporation or LLC, you may be asking yourself, what is a Registered Agent? What does a Registered Agent do for my business? Do I really need one? Below we will go over all of the things you should know about Registered Agents.

First and Foremost, what is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent, depending on state requirements, can be an individual or a business. Registered Agents are designated to receive any official correspondence, like service of process notices, legal documents, correspondence from the Secretary of State, Tax forms, garnishment notices, or documents regarding a lawsuit against your LLC or corporation.

What is Required?

Every state requires that all entities have an ongoing registered agent within that jurisdiction. A registered agent is just an official contact for the business. Having a registered agent is mandatory for foreign entities, but it is still optional for domestic businesses.

Physical Address

A registered agent has to maintain a physical location, it can not be a PO Box. All businesses need somewhere to receive time-sensitive statutory mail and service of process notices, especially if your business doesn’t have a physical location itself. Utilizing a registered agent versus the business’s physical location can help protect the image of the business as well as keep you alert of any important changes or documents that have been received.

Hours of Operation

Registered Agent hours follow standard hours of operation. In the case that you are located in a different time-zone, location, etc. you can trust that there is always someone available to accept business documents on your behalf during the course of a normal business day.

Privacy Protection

When using a Registered Agent, you should be assured that confidentiality regarding legal issues will be maintained. A huge benefit to using a Registered Agent that many might not think about is that any sensitive information contained in documents received will be kept secure and provided to only those who have been designated. 

How do I Appoint a Registered Agent?

It’s simple! If there is ever a change to the Registered Agent, i.e., a full change of company, name of the same agent, or an address change, then the state of incorporation must be notified with a “Change of Registered Agent” type filing.

It’s important to select a dependable company to be your Registered Agent. After years of experience, we can be the partner you need to maintain continued success. Ready to Appoint Capitol Lien as your Registered Agent? Get started here.