Why We Love Real Estate (And You Should, Too!)

Typical Australian suburb from above in autumn

Ah, Real Estate. A subject we’ve come to know, and love. How can you possibly love Real Estate, you might ask? Well, today we want to share some of the things that have swayed us over the years to truly love Real Estate and the research that comes with it. We hope that by doing so we can motivate you to feel the same.

First and foremost, land is a long-term, tangible asset that doesn’t physically wear out, nor the things that are attached to it (past owners, per say). We are bound to the land we have, or once had, or will have in the future. Land is everywhere we look, down to the exact square foot, we are able to discover anything hidden underneath.

This leads us to love the history behind Real Estate. Every piece of Real Estate has its own story, background and origin. As we get a new order, or a new project, it starts a new chapter in our history books. Throughout our years, as you can imagine, our history books have grown tremendously.

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One thing that we can confidently say we love about Real Estate, is that there is never a dull moment. Things are constantly changing, adapting and land is being bought and sold more than ever before. But no matter the state of economy, or market, things are always happening. As long as it’s there, there is research to be done!

Would you consider yourself a problem solver? Real Estate is the ultimate problem solving feast. Each project comes with its own challenge. Obstacles are thrown in from of us everyday, causing us to be quick on our feet, solving the problems as soon as we get them.

Along with problem solving, comes the satisfying feeling of accomplishment. After a big project, there’s nothing better than scratching something off your list, putting a check mark, or signing your name on the finished project.

Last, but certainly not least, the ultimate thing YOU can love about Real Estate is the trust and confidence in the vendor doing your research. You can effectively know everything you would possibly need to know about a property, without ever actually seeing it in person.

We hope that this gives you some insight on why we love Real Estate. We start each day with pride and confidence in the work that we are doing. With trust, you can be sure to use Capitol Lien for all of your Real Estate research needs.