2021 Year-End Corporate Compliance

Capitol Lien End of Year Corporate Reminders 2021

Have you thought about your year-end corporate due diligence? Another year is coming to a close, which means time to plan accordingly. Here is your friendly end-of-year reminder. Review this checklist to ensure all proper corporate due diligence obligations are handled.

For a reminder, you can save and/or print our graphic below for your reference:


Business Licenses

Obtain all appropriate business licenses & keep note of their renewal dates. If your clients have expanded or changed their business in the past year, you might need new licenses.

Annual Reports

For your own business or those of your clients, make sure the annual renewal/report is filed so the company isn’t administratively dissolved.

Verify Registered Agent information. 

Corporate Amendment Filing

Be aware of any company changes this year, such as a change in a business name or a new address. A corporate amendment will need to be filed to keep the business records up to date.

Count on our Corporate Filing experts for compliance.

Update UCCs

Review loan files to capture any changes that need to be made to UCC financing statements. Be aware of any address or name changes of a debtor this year. Our Database Direct system makes searching and filing UCCs a breeze.

Dissolutions & Withdrawals

Properly dissolve or withdraw from states where operations have ceased. This will avoid having to pay potential taxes in that jurisdiction in the next year. Every state, entity type, and form is different. Corporate Services can help.

We’re here to help you finish up those last-minute deals & get things filed before the start of Q1. Don’t forget we can help in any state you need. Now that you have this all set to be taken care of on the professional side of things, here is a reminder for your personal life: the holidays are coming! The supply chain is a big mess right now, if you are getting gifts online you may want to go shopping sooner than later to have them arrive in time. 

Wishing you a strong finish and a great start to 2022!  Good luck, Happy Holidays!