Real Estate Update from the Research Trenches

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Real estate transactions do not look to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, we have experienced requests for our research increasing throughout the end of 2020 and into 2021 that is somewhat unprecedented for this time of year.

The refinance and purchase transactions keep coming as things continue to heat up and we want to provide the very best support to our clients so they can capitalize on this influx in activity. It is also yet to be determined what will happen with the moratorium this Spring and how those decisions will affect the real estate market. Either way, we are seeing lots of movement from those who were sitting on the sidelines of real estate transactions prior now getting involved.

What we know from being in the real estate research trenches over the past three decades is that when a property is involved, not everything is easy and straightforward. Far too many past transactions have been completed regardless of title issues prior to coming across to our teams. It’s not always as simple as lot & block legals either. The true metes & bounds dirt research involving stakes or other land markers require a licensed abstractor. Picture this: No Deed, No Probate Doc, and the person died… We do actually see these situations as difficult as they may be.

Property Research

Despite their busy schedules, we asked our licensed abstractors the pressing question: “what are the most common issues you come across while researching the good, the bad, and the ugly properties?”.

Below are the top 3 answers they gave us.

  • Documents being recorded in Abstract versus Torrens 
  • Documents with correct legal descriptions not posted to the correct tract
  • Applying a Satisfaction to the wrong original mortgage document number

We can do our best to prevent these errors from having an effect on your final product by searching all indices possible & finding the missing pieces of the puzzle. We always like to bring issues to the Recorders attention as well so that they can fix the errors if possible.

If you need a dependable vendor in these crazy times we are here for you.