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In our user-friendly, filing, and search system you can seamlessly submit UCCs, track critical lapse dates with a continuation report, and utilize our collateral manager to avoid rekeying verbiage. Once you submit the UCC to us, it’s our goal to ensure your filing is perfected quickly and without issue, which is why we manually review each form. Search for liens and obtain copies instantly at the touch of a button.

Use Database Direct® to streamline procedures and take your business to the next level.

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Leverage our unique broad-based search logic for thorough results with hundreds of business and first name equivalents. Designed to search for common name variations, our enhanced system enables the user to see more “hits”, as well as help uncover otherwise hidden liens and maximize your results.

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With easy to navigate prompts, auto-populated text and the ability to customize collateral, this tool is intended to streamline all of your UCC procedures. Amending and terminating your UCCs is effortless once they are in the system. Depend on the Continuation Report to view and continue any of your UCCs in the critical continuation window.

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Take your business to the next level with the help of our generated leads. Target competitors with a Secured Party Search or hone in on a specific region with an Area Search.

What makes it worth it? Registering is completely free. No minimums, no annual fees. Invite as many users as needed for your company, with no additional cost. We make it quick and easy for you to file the right way, in every state, the first time.

Still need convincing? Watch our Database Direct® video to learn more!