8 Services You Should Consider

We often highlight the services that we are best known for but felt it time to give some of our lesser-known services their dues. Very few clients know the vast variety of service offerings we can provide. The following are some of our lesser-known services you could start benefiting from:

World-Check (Investigative):

Obtain continuously updated reports of heightened-risk individuals and entities worldwide.

Name Snapshot (Investigative):

Easily uncover more on a business or individual name with a variety of linked data points.

Business Conversion:

Use this service to convert the entity to another corporate structure when there are changes in the business.

Business Name Review:

We can do a name availability check for registration and DBAs to help select and obtain, or protect the name of any entity.

Corporate Name Review:

Provide us with a list of business debtors and we will verify it’s status and provide information on any amendments. Various frequencies are available.

Bankruptcy Listings:

We will provide you with a listing of newly filed bankruptcy proceedings nationwide or for a targeted region if preferred. Various frequencies are available. All bankruptcies filed within that period of time are reported.

Bulk Property Tax Data:

This service will include a search of the county property tax records to determine the amount, current status, and any delinquencies of a specified property. Bulk discounts are available.

International Services:

Do you happen to have needs that fall on the other side of the globe? Many of our Court & Corporate Services are available not just Nationwide, but Internationally! We can assist with any services you need outside of the U.S.

Whether it is one of our most popular services or any of the services above, never hesitate to reach out for more information and options. You can contact us here.