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UCC Filing: Post Lien Search

Post Lien Recommended Steps Conducting a Post Lien Search is of the greatest importance for double checking to make sure the filing is on record and indexed correctly. What is

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Capitol Lien Court Research

Do you say “P.M.S.I.” or “pimm zee”?: Part 2

If a secured party has a perfected security interest in purchasemoney collateral, the secured party should be able to acquire purchasemoney priority – and take advantage of an exception to the general rules of priority – by satisfying the technical requirements of § 9-324.

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UCC Statue

Prejury Language

To improve access to the courts and to facilitate the electronic filing of court documents, a new Minnesota Statute became effective not long ago, stating that, unless specifically required by

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Concentration Risk Management

Start by establishing a concentration baseline through peer analysis to know where you stand. Be sure to include acquisition development and construction loans as well if applicable.

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