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Debtor’s Name Change? What To Do

A proper financing statement must provide the name of the debtor, and there are fairly strict requirements for the sufficiency of the debtor’s name. (See UCC§§ 9-502& 9-503.) If the

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Vocabulary of Mergers & Acquisitions

There is much information that can be conveyed in even a brief statement about a transaction if certain vocabulary is consistently applied. Conversely, there is much confusion that can be

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Corporate Entity Considerations

When an individual does business, the law considers he or she a “sole proprietor.” Sometimes a business or organization grows beyond one individual, and there might be cause to consider

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DBAs & Assumed Names

Individuals, that is, human beings, are what the law calls “natural persons.” A natural person’s full name, as given at birth or as later legally changed, is the individual’s true

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