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Foreclosure Research

After taking a few years off due to pandemic-related moratoriums, foreclosures increased drastically to start the year. These numbers continue to climb upward going into Q2.

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Reviewing Documents

Why You Shouldn’t Do Property Due Diligence Yourself

There are many times when doing it yourself is a great idea. In some instances it can save money and time, depending upon the skills you already have and a willingness to dedicate your time over other priorities. It might not always turn out perfectly, but it can potentially get the job done.

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Types of UCC Forms: Does My Intent Match My Form?

We’re taking it back to the basics, sharing the most important types of UCC Forms. This basic understanding lays the groundwork for achieving perfection in your security interest. The best place to start is asking yourself, “does my intent match my form?”.

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What are CNS/EFS Forms?

The Food Security Act (FSA) states that a buyer may buy farm products without being subject to a security interest created by the seller. However, the FSA does allow a secured party to take action to prevent a buyer from obtaining clear of security interest.

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Employee Spotlight Header

Employee Spotlight: Alison Fisher

Alison Fisher is a 9 year veteran at Capitol Lien! She works in our Real Estate department as an Abstractor where she is constantly providing our clients with timely and accurate information, along with her positive attitude. Get to know Alison more from her answers below!

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