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Database Direct Is Yours!

You have likely heard of a system that allows for easy management of UCC filings and debtor searches from talking with others in your industry. At the surface some of these DIY systems sound the same, but if they happened to be referring to Database Direct, then there is a lot more to it at the granular level to differentiate our system from the rest.

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Foreclosure Research

After taking a few years off due to pandemic-related moratoriums, foreclosures increased drastically to start the year. These numbers continue to climb upward going into Q2.

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Reviewing Documents

Why You Shouldn’t Do Property Due Diligence Yourself

There are many times when doing it yourself is a great idea. In some instances it can save money and time, depending upon the skills you already have and a willingness to dedicate your time over other priorities. It might not always turn out perfectly, but it can potentially get the job done.

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